Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Would you believe Golf on the Berring Sea?

First you come dressed for the game of golf.  'Santa' Paul made his own costume, including fur club covers.  Wouldn't want those suckers to get cold!

and these are the artic variety golfing shoes.  He designed these and had them made locally.

Here is a more 'conservatively dressed' golfer getting ready to tee off.  Notice the balls are painted green.  I heard last year they were white.......made for a very long game.

Nice followthough, but the ball's still on the ground.  Oh well, try again.  Notice other golfers in the distance.  Golfers pay $50 to compete, fees go to charity, and the game is followed by a free corned beef and cabbage dinner.  And how many can say they played golf on the Berring Sea?

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