Monday, March 29, 2010

Lois is my Hero!

I've always been just a little leery of sharing Nome stories with my friends. Nome is a unique place, several layers of cultures- Iditarod, Gold Mining and the rich Native history- and when I recall an event or a sight, most people have no point of reference.
Lois was the best travel companion, always open to new people, new experiences. It was like taking a seven-year-old to Disneyland for the first time!
She had endless energy, even got me to try Eskimo Ice Cream. She baited me, saying this was soooo good. After last year, and trying Muktuk (whale or walrus bubber) I was a bit reluctant. Eskimo Ice Cream was not cold, was not sweet. Although I think the reason it was not cold was that we arrived late, and it had been sitting out a bit. It is made of berries and seal oil. Being that seal is a mammal, I would not expect it to taste like fish. But I suppose that if all you ate was fish, that is what you taste like. Come on, now Lois, did you really like the Ice Cream?

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JeanieB said...

Yes, Pam, I DID like it, and it didn't taste like fish to me. I thought it tasted like Salmonberries with an 'umph'. But, your comments touched me and brought tears to my eyes (only this time they didn't freeze my eyes shut like -14 on the trail!) You were a wonderful guide,second only to Lance Mackey in 'energizer bunny' stamina. Love ya much, Girl!