Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snowmachining the Artic Tundra

Gretchen Steiner (FloridaDogFan or FDF) and Lois (JeanieB), set off on a snowmachine ride to a mountain outside of Nome.  Neither of us has even BEEN ON a snowmachine before.  To point out how Alaska differs from the 'Outside', we signed no releases, were given very little instruction, and no helmet or other safety gear.   My instruction on how to operate the machine lasted about one minute.  That's Alaska!

When we reached one mountain top, we took pics while our guide hunted for the musk ox herd.

Hills and frozen marshes in the distance.

The Musk Ox herd.  Notice their 'coat' wave in the wind.

The 'Fisher's' talk to our guide, Zach, about the terrain and animals of the region

Zack and Gretchen on the barren mountaintop

In the distance (mid pic) is a gold mine dredge.  And far off - over the Berring Sea - you can see Russia from here........(teehee)

And these are Musk Ox footprints.

Don't we look like we've conquered Everest?

And as we drove back down to the valley, and looked up, the herd from a distance.


kate and powder said...

I bet the snowmachine was fun!. But not as fun as dog-power. Was it scary? I guess you could go real slow, but I bet you just opened the throttle!

Thanks for posting the musk ox hoofprints. I've never seen those before. I wonder how being so circular in shape helps them walk on snow or ice...

JeanieB said...

I was scared to death at first, and went very slow. But then I got the hang of it, and realized it had a pretty solid 'base', I got her going pretty good! Zach said I was ready for jumps when we got back, but Gretchen thought we already had!