Thursday, January 31, 2008

Plans, and more plans

January 31, 2008

Welcome to my Iditarod Dreams!

In a little less than a month, I will be living a dream I have had for more that 15 years! Alaska, dogs, free open spaces, mountains, and wild things of all sorts have called me and given me joy throughout my life. I will use this place to allow you to go with me, vicariously, through the anticipation, the trip and the memories I will take with me forever. Feel free to ignore my obsessions, and skip over parts that bore you. I am in extasy even in the plannning! Actually, for me, planning is just as much fun as a trip. I relish absorbing topo maps, books about the region, every possible experience I might take part in, and then whittling down to fit into the 2 weeks I will be in Alaska.

Hello to all of my friends and family at home, who have put up with my obsession with the Iditarod for years, and have humored me as I talked about only that for months.

Hello to my friends in Alaska, who have encouraged me and been so inviting with your suggestions and your expertise. Especially to you in the Idita-support and Bootie Brigade. I so look forward to meeting you.

Hello to my Idita-buds, temporarily homeless armchair musher from Cabela's Talk forum and Hurdal. Gatekeeper, Mith, Spirit, and I will take you along every step of the way!

Hello to you who are just finding this site, trying to learn a bit more about people and dog athletes who with passion and great spirit, choose to race over 100 miles across Alaska, in the Last Great Race.

It will be a joy to stow all of you in my great big suitcase, and take you with me. Hang on for the ride.

Love ya,